About Us - Our Story

Clover Valley Farm was built on the desire to live a sustainable life, learning more self-reliance and all the lessons that come with it.  

Dreaming of a large country garden, growing chemical free food, raising livestock humanly, learning new skills that provide a refreshing sense of freedom and appreciation for the simple things in life. We make our own cleaning and self-essentials: Soaps, Shampoo, Chemical free cleaners, detergents. After making more shampoo bars than we could use in a lifetime, we decided to create a business and share our hand-crafted items to others.  Clover Valley Farm was officially established in 2019. 

Clover Valley Farm Products are packaged using zero waste, recycled or biodegradable packaging and shipping materials. Our products are made with plant based, or humanly harvested natural ingredients. Each product is designed for function in mind using all natural, certified organic ingredients, vegan options, free of chemicals, gentle everyday lifestyle essentials. 

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With Gratitude,   

Clover Valley Farm

Beautifully simple, crafted with care.