About Us - Our Story

Clover Valley Farm was built on a dream, being in nature, living with gratitude enjoying simple things. Dedication to the cycles of life, nature and enjoy learning new practices in self sufficiency, limiting pollution and waste. 

Clover Valley Farm LLC founder, Rachel Haas has always felt drawn to learning and knowledge. She has completed many Botanical courses, and then went down the healer's path in working with plants, crystals, and energy to incorporate into her recipes.

Certified in Botanical Products, and formulations in cooking and external skin care, Creating botanical extracts, infusions, Soap and Lotion Body care formulation, Aromatherapy Healing, Plant Spirit Studies, and Medicinal uses of plants in Salves, and First Aid, Healing modalities like Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner. Currently learning more about Ancient medicines of Mesopotamia, Druidry and Shamanism. Using everything in order to give thanks, honor the ingredients used and making sure we only harvest what we intend to use. 

Eco Friendly, recycled and biodegradable packaging, consciously dedicated to limiting waste.

We enjoy co-creating with nature, and sharing great products. Thank you for stopping by, and for supporting this little "dream" farm.