Ritual Bath - Salts, and Botanical Collection
Ritual Bath - Salts, and Botanical Collection
Ritual Bath - Salts, and Botanical Collection
Ritual Bath - Salts, and Botanical Collection
Clover Valley Farm

Ritual Bath - Salts, and Botanical Collection

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Clover Valley Farm Ritual Bath collection is inspired by my personal love of bath time relaxation, it's a great self care practice. For centuries, baths have been favored for their therapeutic benefits. Across the globe, from Japanese-style sentos, to Russian banya and to Nordic hot springs, countless bathing cultures speak to the natural healing properties of water. Beyond the obvious relaxing and soothing muscle tension, baths can transform and rejuvenate the mind body and soul. Restore energy, channel creativity, release mental stress or anxiety. 

In so many ways creating a bath ritual practice is healing.  This product is anhydrous meaning, no water is added. This is a new trend as water becomes a protected resource, when enjoying your bath ritual remember to only use the water you need and show gratitude it is available. 

The varieties in this collection are created for different objectives. Natural, organically sourced ingredients, no fragrance or essential oils added.  


Clover Valley Farm: Ritual Bath Collection

Self Love Ritual Bath

Ingredients: Yerba Santo, Rose Petals, Chamomile flowers, Baking soda, Lemon Balm, Epsom Salt. 

Release Inflammation Ritual Bath

Ingredients: Red rose petals, Lavender, Chamomile flowers, Calendula petals, Sage leaves, Rosemary, Rolled oats, Celtic sea salt, Himalayan salt, Baking soda, Eucalyptus. 

Relaxation + Meditation  Ritual Bath

Ingredients: Lavender flowers, Sage leaves, Peppermint leaves, Red rose petals, Lemon balm leaves, Baking soda, Celtic sea salt, Epsom salt.


Recharge + Positive Energy Ritual Bath 

Ingredients: Sage leaves, Rosemary, Dead sea salt, Baking soda, Himalayan salt, Epsom salt. 

Sunshine Floral + Salt Ritual Bath

Ingredients: Jasmine flowers, Daisy flowers, Green tea leaves, Baking soda, Lavender flowers, White rose petals, Celtic sea salt, Himalayan salt.


Product contents: 

(1) Ritual Bath mixture - 4 oz fresh sealed, (1) drawstring 100% cotton muslin bag. Keeping infusion from clogging the drain.   

Directions for use: Add 3 TBS of bath mixture into the drawstring cotton muslin bag and hang over the faucet so hot water runs through the bag and creates a tea in the tub. Once the tub is full, toss the tied bag into the water and swish it around to infuse your bath with even more botanical depth.  Another method is to make a large pot of tea using your Bath mixture, then add the infused water into the tub before getting in to soak.

Don't forget to take a deep breath, enjoy the moment!