Calendula & Honey Soap (Full Batch)
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Calendula & Honey Soap (Full Batch)

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Nature inspired Calendula and Honey is one of our family favorites!  Gentle and mild soap. we have used it with our small children in the bath to soothe cuts and scrapes, rash, and itchy skin after playing outside. Very simple ingredient soap, all natural without any essential or fragrance oils. Calendula is a wonderful medicinal plant  with calming and healing properties. We use fresh dehydrated flowers from our farm and infuse in water steeping over 2 days before creating our Calendula Soap.

Smells like soft floral, hints of cinnamon and honey. Wonderful fluffy bubbles, gentle enough for all ages.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Calendula flower Infused Distilled water (Tea),Water, Olive Oil, Beef Tallow, Sodium hydroxide, Crushed Calendula flowers, Local Iowa Honey. 


Full Batch  10-11 Bars of soap (4.5oz)

Batch NET WT:  48 Oz/ 1360 G/3 LBS

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