Dish Washing Bar Orange + Basil
Clover Valley Farm

Dish Washing Bar Orange + Basil

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Clover Valley Farm's Dish Washing Bar is made from sustainably harvested botanical ingredients.

Solid dish soap cleans pots and pans just as well as liquid soap, without the environmental cost that comes with most of traditional liquid soap plastic packaging.

Our Dish soap contains no harsh ingredients or chemicals, preservative free. Using solid dish soap is good for the environment and gentle on skin!

Cost effective, one bar lasts 4X longer than liquid dish soap.

  • 75% of all plastic produced has become waste.
  • It takes around 500-1,000 years for plastics to decompose.
  • About 91% of plastic is not recycled.

Note: This bar is for handwashing dishes, and should not be put into a dishwashing machine.

Ingredients: Coconut oil*, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Orange Juice*, Orange zest*, orange oil*, Basil oil*.

(*) Indicates Organic Ingredients

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